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Terrace Drive Upstairs Renovation

New Construction Shop

Meadowwood Remodel

Light and Airy Refresh

Multifuncional Space for Work and Play

ADA Compliant

If your home is full of years of memories but badly in need of a refresh, this project is for you! We were able to take this older split level home and give in a facelift worthy of a magazine cover.

Our clients envisioned a space that wore many hats. This new construction build is an all-in-one- garage to park vehicles, shop to work on projects, and a mother in law suite to host family and friends.

This project brought out a passion in us for ADA-friendly designs. How an individual with a disability functions and moves within their space is of utmost importance. We prioritized understanding our clients needs and the things that would make the daily tasks of life simpler.

Accessible Shower Room

1950's Bungalow Kitchen Renovation

Glenridge Hot Yoga Studio

Safe and Efficient Aging in Place Space

Same Footprint, New Functional Space

At-home Workout Space

We were overjoyed to create this classy space for our clients that is safe and effective at allowing them to age in place for years to come.

This 1950's Craftsman bungalow received a light and airy update to its existing kitchen with ample storage and prep areas.

An under utilized home office space was the perfect spot to renovate into our clients dream of an in-home hot yoga studio. Stay home, stay healthy, stay sweaty!

Windsor Home Build

Down Sloping Lot

This project is a great reminder that there is no such thing as a piece of property that is "unbuildable". This build was in a highly desirable neighborhood of Northwest Corvallis but had its logistical challenges of being a very steep, down sloping lot. But with the right home design and proper engineering, anything is possible!

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