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As a dedicated general contractor, it gives us great pride to call these home building and remodeling projects our own. Whatever the size or time commitment of each project, our flexibility and strong work ethic allows us to carefully plan ahead in order to meet deadlines while delivering high quality solutions that are built to last. Take a look at some sample projects below!

Forest View

A Hillside Beauty

Nestled high on the hill and overlooking Mary's Peak, this craftsman style custom home is a head turner.

Timber Frame Passive Home

Air Tightness and Thermal Performance

This NW Corvallis home is a timber frame design made for single level living that embraces passive house techniques to achieve air tightness and high thermal performance as well unique material choices to achieve longevity, low maintenance, and a reduced carbon footprint. The home demonstrates that beauty and the use of sustainable materials can go hand in hand, starting from its dramatic black-charred western larch (shou sugi ban) exterior to the use of LED lighting that highlights the interior timber frame.

Hawk Hill

Panoramic Views Across Rolling Landscapes

Located atop a picturesque hill, this new construction project seamlessly blends modern luxury with natural beauty. 

Minimalistic Abode

Modern and Timeless

Clean and classic selections chosen by our client will make this a very livable home for years to come.

Country Club Bungalow

Small Footprint, Thoughtful Design

Our clients were looking to downsize their footprint yet keep an open floor plan with functional space. We were able to achieve that for them. 

Lincoln Home Build

New Home, Old Neighborhood

Our College Hill Homes motto "Revive Homes, Renew Neighborhoods" was born during this project. Our brand ideals, our logo, who we are, this home is a representation of that. The challenge of this build was designing a new home structure and garage conversion that seamlessly fit in and on the outskirts of an old, historical neighborhood in Northwest Corvallis. We all desire to be good neighbors and I think we've done that with this build.

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